Stunt & fight coordination

Every action scene - how easy and simple it may look - needs a good and qualified stunt coordinator to achieve a realistic result, obtained in a secure and safe way. Indeed, no one will deny that a non coordinated fight, fall or impact will look woodenly and unprofessional on the screen.

Already during the preproduction our stunt and fight coordinator is able, while reading the script, to point the scenes which might be hazardous. He meticulously plans the way a specific stunt should look like and makes a detailed planning and screenplay. He also examines how the stunt can be split in useful parts for the assembly and montage ahead. He collaborates closely with the special effects coordinator, the director and the camera men so as to obtain the best possible result.

Our stunt coordinator decides which stunt man has to be attributed to a specific stunt. He searches for this man or woman and supervises him or her during the whole making of the scene.

Our stunt coordinator coordinates the whole stunt from beginning to end and seeks to it that the stunt is performed in a safe and secure way. Not only for the stunt man or woman, but for everyone present on the set.