Who we are
Into Action is pre-eminently the reference in the field of action for movies and television.

Into Action is a spin off of the well known and highly reputed stunt company New Action Ideas, established by stunt and fight coordinator Olivier Bisback. This company has already carried out successfully hundreds of assignments given by national and international film and television makers.

In the mean time, Anneken De Neve is in charge of the administrative tasks and Into Action is collaborating with several experts in many fields so as to carry out every specific task or assignment in a perfect way.

The stunt team of Into Action is still directed by stunt and fight coordinator Olivier Bisback. Olivier Bisback himself learnt the tricks of the trade at the International Stunt School in Seattle (USA) and is now for more than a decade considered as an absolute expert in the field.

For special effects Into Action works with the pre-eminent top of the Benelux.

Into Action coordinates every action sensitive moment in your film or television project. This can be a highly complicated stunt such as a fall from a staircase, a traffic accident in which a man is catapulted over a car, a man blasted in the air by a riot gun, a man put afire, a man jumping of a train, a spectacular fight in a pub, a complicated fight choreography, a bottle or a chair smashed into pieces on someone’s head, a fall through a table, someone falling out of a window from a building. But it can also be a – apparently! - simple stunt such as a punch in someone’s face or a kick in his cross, a man slipping on a banana skin or stumbling over a garbage can, a woman falling through the ice or from her bicycle, a man climbing a sky high ladder. You name it.

Into Action will be glad to give you advice on all kind of action scenes. What should be changed for an optimal effect? Are there other and maybe more spectacular ways to shoot the action scene? How can you save time and money without saving on the spectacular effects?

Into Action offers a solution for every project, no matter the size of it. We will help you from the initial planning till the end. A good end, guaranteed by our experience and talent.