was founded in 2002 by Olivier Bisback. Into Action provides action design, safety advise and customized stunt services (fights, falls, fire burns, stunt driving, rigging), stunt equipment rental and rehearsal facility. Into Action has the expertise to help you tell your story, from script breakdown to the final production.

For more than two decades Into Action is considered as the absolute top in Belgium in the field of stunts. Into Action is located in Aalst, about 30 km from Brussels.

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Master Olivier Bisback began his martial arts training in 1986 and now has a black belt, 6th dan in taekwondo. He also specialized in other martial arts such as hapkido, jiu jitsu, kobudo, boxing, thai boxing, wing chun and fencing.

In 2004 he was the first Belgian ever to graduate at the International Stuntschool in Seattle (USA).

Having worked on over more than 500 productions worldwide and within all areas of stunts, Olivier Bisback has as a wide range of experience which have taken him to the top of his field. He is a well respected man in the movie business because of his incredible creativity and strong work ethic.
Olivier Bisback
CEO/ stunt and fight coordinator
stunt performer



stunt coordinator


stunt coordinator

Amaury Bogaerts

stunt coordinator

Our mission

“Our mission is to provide solutions for every thinkable stunt and help directors and producers to tell their story, from script breakdown to the final production.”
“If you think stunt and safety coordination is expensive, try an accident!.”
“Bring your stunts and fights to a good end, guaranteed by our experience and talent.”

Stunt Team

Over the years we have collected the best stunt people available. You can find them in our database. 

Into Talent is our online searchable casting database for stunt performers, stunt actors, fighters and people with special skills for film, television and commercials. 

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Action design

Fight coordination


Fire Burns

Stunt driving


Stunt doubles

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Brian De Palma
Brian De Palmafilm director
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Olivier Bisback and his team are real professionals. I’m so happy with their work.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jean-Claude Van Dammeactor
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Olivier Bisback is a super nice guy who achieved success through hard work, honesty and loyalty. Il fait toujours du beau travail.
Gérard Depardieu
Gérard Depardieuactor
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Olivier Bisback, un petit flamand qui fait toujours du bon travail.

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